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Frequently Asked Questions / Information

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REMINDER – Equine Census – 30 November 2022

For those who have not made returns, as a matter of urgency do so by Friday April 21st.

This will provide DAFM with details of all equines (horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and zebras) present on your holding on census night, 30 November 2022.  This information should be available in your equine register.

The census is required by the EU Animal Health Law (Regulation (EU) 2016/429), which provides that the Department must record details of all premises where equines are habitually kept in the State. This data provides valuable information for disease prevention, in addressing public health concerns and in dealing with lost, straying or stolen horses.

You may be aware that certain equine structures, such as stables and training facilities, have been included as eligible investments in the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme 3 (TAMS3), which is now open for online applications via agfood.ie.  Submission of a 2022 equine census recording a minimum of 3 equines is a requirement for eligibility for such investments. Tranche 1 of the Scheme will close for applications on 16 June 2023. Failure to submit completed census data to the Department by that date will render applications ineligible for equine investments under TAMS3 in 2023.  Applications in 2024 will require completion of the 2023 census.  Please note that all queries relating to TAMS should be forwarded to [email protected].

DAFM strongly encourages keepers to submit their 2022 equine census data online through the dedicated ‘Equine Census 2022’ portal on agfood.ie, using their dedicated username and password. A step-by-step guide to completing the census online is provided overleaf. While paper returns will be accepted, the online portal provides a faster, secure mechanism for ensuring that your census data are recorded on the Department’s systems in real time.

To simplify 2022 online data submission, keepers who submitted a 2021 census return can choose to access this information to use it as a base for their 2022 return. Keepers with large numbers of equines, even where these are kept across a number of different premises, can chose a bulk upload option (submission of a spreadsheet) on agfood.ie. Such keepers should refer to the FAQ section on the left-hand side of the home screen of the online portal for instructions.

Keepers choosing to submit a paper return should complete the census form posted to you, attaching an additional page(s) (quoting your equine premises number) where required to record details of all the equines present on the holding on 30 November 2022. These should be posted to the address in green on the letter you received.

Where you have approved a registered agent to act on your behalf, they can submit your census data on your behalf.

Thank you for your engagement with this very important census. If you have any difficulties completing your return, please contact AIM Division for assistance by emailing [email protected] (quoting your equine premises number in the subject line) or by phoning 01- 5058881.


Guide to submitting 2022 Equine Census return online via agfood.ie

(1) If you do not already have an agfood.ie account

(i)    Create an account by logging on to www.agfood.ie

(ii)   Choose the option to ‘Register’ – using your PPSN, email address, phone number and date of birth.

For security reasons, your personal login details will issue to you by post and should arrive at your address a few days after you register.  You will need this information to access the 2022 Equine Census portal. When you are fully registered, follow the steps below.

If you have any difficulties accessing your online account, please contact the Department by phone at 049 – 4368288 or by email at [email protected] for assistance.

(2) If you have an agfood.ie account:

(i)    log on to www.agfood.ie but do not use your login details at this stage.

(ii)   Click on the Equine Census tab in the Equine Census box (on the right-hand side of the screen).

(iii)  Enter your agfood.ie username and password.

Note: A dual authentication process has been introduced in 2022 to further protect your data. When you use the 2022 census portal for the first time, you will be asked to nominate a mobile phone number to which a new specific six-digit code will be texted each time you wish to access the site. Please nominate a number that you will have access to in the future when logging on to agfood.ie.

(iv)  Enter your mobile phone number.

(v)   Key in the code sent to the mobile phone – and click on the ‘login’ tab – this will bring you to the

Equine Census 2022 ‘Home’ page.

(vi)  If you have just one Equine Premises Registration Number (EPRN), you will be brought to a screen displaying your details, from where you can create your 2022 census return in the left-hand box (tab).

If you have more than one EPRN, each will be listed. Click on the appropriate EPRN to present a new ‘Census 2022’ tab from where you can create your 2022 return for that premises.

Equine Premises Number (EPRN) can be found at the top of the form overleaf.

(vii) On ‘Census 2022’ tab you will have the option to create your 2022 census either using new data or using the 2021 data recorded by the Department as a base

Click on the relevant button for your preferred option.

Note:  If you had no equines last year and you are not keeping equines now, you must choose the option use new data.

(viii) This will bring you to the new screen to record your 2022 information.

  • If you are not currently keeping equines, complete Section 1 only and ‘SUBMIT’
  • If you are keeping equines, you must answer all questions at both Sections 1 & 2

If you choose to use your 2021 data, the UELNs recorded from your 2021 return will be listed to assist you in completing this Section. You can

  • click on individual records to delete them if the equine is no longer present or
  • add a row (click on ‘+Add UELN’) to type in the UELN of an equine that has moved to live on the premises in the last 12 months and then SAVE the newly input data each time

(ix)  You must make sure that the number of UELNs listed is the same as the number of equines with passports recorded as being permanently present on your holding (second question at Section 2).

(x)   When you have completed your return, click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.  If the return is not complete, you will be requested to record the missing information – update the missing fields and ‘SUBMIT’ your form again. You will receive confirmation when your census has been submitted successfully – this will be provided in green at the top of the screen.

(xi)  After submission of your 2022 equine census return – if you wish to view or amend it – please access the system as outlined above and select appropriate view or amend option.

(3) Where there are 10 equines or more present on your holding, you can use the ‘Bulk Upload’ option to submit the required details for all equines kept on your holding.  A comprehensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) document is available on the left-hand side of the ‘Home’ screen to assist with this and common issues raised in 2021.  Alternatively, you can email any queries to [email protected] (quoting your equine premises number in the subject line)


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Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Brexit Trader Notice

, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Brexit Trader Notice, Leisure Horse Ireland

Export of Equine Animals from Ireland to United Kingdom from January 1st, 2021

Now that the UK is no longer in the EU Customs Union or Single Market, it sets its own import requirements. Since Jan 1 2021, the movement of live animals and germinal products from Ireland to Great Britain must be pre-notified on the UK’s Imports of Products, Animal, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS)  and must be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate.

Details are also available on DAFM’s web pages:

Exporting to the UK from Ireland (www.gov.ie)

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