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Leisure Horse Ireland

The Superior Equine Passporting Service

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Equine Studbooks Maintained by Leisure Horse Ireland. Irish Piebald & Skewbald, Welsh Pony & Cob, Clydesdale, Shire & Irish Donkey

ID Register Fees & Forms

LHI Equine Identification Register

Ireland’s largest non-studbook register. Legal passporting of all horses, where breed type is not recorded. Registration with or without recorded pedigree.

, Leisure Horse Ireland – Equine Passports, Leisure Horse Ireland

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Services Rates, Print Application Forms, Order DNA Kits & Prepay Online by Credit Card or Paypal

, Leisure Horse Ireland – Equine Passports, Leisure Horse Ireland

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Carole W.

“Always very helpful and a great turnaround with passports”

Brendan K.

“What a great service. I can not fault the helpfulness, professional, and efficient service LHI gave me. Would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Tim C.

“Excellent communication and very quick turnaround for passports”

Gillian N.

“Fantastic service. The guys are very professional and efficient. There’s no waiting on hold for 10 minutes with them, unlike their competitors”

Jill B.

“Excellent efficient service. As a dealer I often need a passport or transport papers in a hurry. LHI are always accommodating.”

Peter H.

“I posted passport from NI on Friday, received it back properly processed the following Wednesday. Excellent service.”

Lia F.

“Absolutely delighted! Passport came 2 days later! Perfect service! Thank you”

Lia F.

“Always very helpful and a very quick service , Leisure Horse Ireland – Equine Passports, Leisure Horse Ireland

Vicky F.

“Great service, fantastic work , Leisure Horse Ireland – Equine Passports, Leisure Horse Ireland

Damian C.

“Great service and turnaround and very helpful staff”

Linda G.

“Best service ever seen, ownership transfer from Germany inclusive documents back within one week. Great!”

Norbert S.

“Brilliant service, straightforward and amazingly fast return within 7 days! Thank you!”

Tara K.

“Very quick turnaround of my mares passport and fantastic communication.”

James P.

“Excellent service , quick turn around for my pony’s passport!! ”

Dianne G.

“Excellent service, über fast! Reasonable price too”

Agnie B.

“Great service and great atmosphere. Words can tell how good is the staff”

Mateusz C.

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