LHI Equine Identification Register

, LHI Equine Identification Register, Leisure Horse Ireland

Geographical Area Covered:        Republic of Ireland.

This equine register caters for all types of equines that do not qualify for a studbook passport or where breed type is unknown or not recorded at time of registration. Where pedigree / breed type is not recorded, it allows for the issuing of a passport with minimum fuss or delay and at a reduced cost.

However pedigree can still be recorded on this non studbook type of passport, detailing all recorded parentage and proven by DNA typing. This type of passport can also be upgraded at any time to a studbook passport should circumstances change or new information is provided.

Pedigree recorded or not, this method of equine registration is fully ROI and EU approved and is suitable for all purposes, i.e. SJAI and international transport etc.

, LHI Equine Identification Register, Leisure Horse Ireland

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