The IDS studbook offers pedigree recorded and non-pedigree passports. This dedicated studbook aims to support and increase awareness of the breed in Ireland. By registering your donkey with the Irish Donkey Studbook, even without recording pedigree, you are supporting the breed type and helping to further protect it. Where pedigree is not recorded, it allows for the issuing of a passport which complies with all legal requirements, with minimum fuss or delay and at a reduced cost.
• Available to Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and EU Residents only.
• Make this online prepayment when you are about to post in hardcopy original vet markings and fully completed application form.
• Turnaround times will be affected by incorrectly completed paperwork, during holiday periods and times of increased demand.
• If selecting faster turnaround, please check availability with us, as the service may not always be available.